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The Strømming Family

The Strømming name

The name Strømming originates from the couple Martha Elise Agnes Strøm and Knud Petersen. Martha and Knud were married in 1923. Contrary to the tradition at that time they did not like to use the surname of the groom Petersen but formed the name Strømming from Martha's maiden name.

A tree was planted...

All since childhood genealogy has had my interest. At the age of 10 or so I made contact to the elders in the family to acquire details about birthdays, death days, names of ancestors, details about children of remote relatives etc. I had some simple forms produced which I filled out while talking to my relatives over the phone and I used all this information to construct a traditional family tree. However, this method only brought me a short way.

In 1977 my aunt, Karen Margrethe Dirksen ordered a more comprehensive work of genealogy carried out by a specialised private company called Dansk Slægtsforskning [Danish Genealogy research]. The resulting book brought new dimensions to my understanding of the genealogy subject.

My fathers death in 2003 and the death of my father in law in 2004 re-inspired my interest in genealogy  and to present the collected information in a modern form. Therefore, this site is dedicated to Torben Strømming and Asger Nielsen.


The main sources to the information presented here are:

  • "Slægtsbog for efterkommere efter SIBBE ANDRESEN PHILIPSEN SIBBESEN, bolsmand i Overskov i Iller, Broager sogn, født 1787", Dansk Slægtsforskning, Fredericia, 1977 ["Genealogy of descendants of SIBBE ANDRESEN PHILIPSEN SIBBESEN, small-holder on Overskov in Iller, Broager Parish, born 1787", Danish Genealogy Research, Fredericia, 1977]
  • "Slægtsbog" [Genealogy], Niels Reinholdt Bentsen, Copenhagen, 1924 (unpublished)

In addition to the above a wealth of information comes from original sources (church books, tombstones etc.) as well as other genealogical research presented on the net or from particulars provided directly to me.

The genealogy book by Dansk Slægtsforskning

This book is the very foundation of this presentation. Therefore, it has been transcribed and you can find it here (in Danish).

Contributions are welcome

Corrections, additions, pictures and comments are most welcome - send me an e-mail to the address KnudHenrik (a) Stroemming.dk (substitute '(a)' with '@'), send me a letter to the address Bjørnsonsvej 53, DK-2500 Valby, Denmark or call me on phone no. +45 2071 4373. I guarantee that original material will be returned.

Danish is the primary language on this site and some of the pages are in Danish only. As time allows the pages will be translated into English as well (assistance appreciated). Until then you better start learning Danish to get the maximum from this site.

Knud Henrik Strømming

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