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Last updated 2007.04.09

Africa? Tanzania? Wow! But why pick Tanzania when there are so many exciting places to go to?

"I have been to Tanzania a number of times. The first time was in 1974 when my father, Torben, was working in Dar es Salaam for almost a year. In May/June my mother, my sister and myself visited him for about a month. I was 12 years old at that time. It was a fantastic experience.

As part of my thesis project for my master of science degree I made a case study of the big Danida funded water supply project. For three months I travelled around southern Tanzania (Dar es Salaam and the regions Iringa, Mbeya and Songea) and visited different parts of the project. I made my way to a number of quite remote places, to put it mildly.

Finally, in 1992-94 I served as a Delevopment Worker expatriated through Danish Volunteer Service. I was stationed at a sort of technical school, Community Development Technical Training Institute, at the township of Missungwi just south of Lake Victoria. My duty was to teach the subject of land surveying. Through this period of time Mai-Britt and Theis visited me a number of times. Theis was only 10 months old when he first travelled to Tanzania and he turned two years shortly before we returned home. I was living in a house put at my disposal by the local authorities, a house I improved step by step to Danish standards, almost, that is the water supply was based om rain water harvesting and the power supply was running 12 volts only, powered by a solar panel. This way we experience a daily life that of cause was a lot different from the livelihood of the local Tanzanians but also a lot different from a normal Danish everyday life. We travelled a lot around, experiencing a lot very different part of thsi large, fantastic and very fascinating country." - Knud Henrik

We a now bound for Tanzania to revisit some of the places we have been to before, to see how things have developed. But we are also going to see a lot, that we haven't seen before.