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Last updated 2007.11.21

A wealth of information on Tanzania is available on the Internettet. This is a very short introduction.

  • Tanzania is situated on the eastern coast of Africa just south of the equator
  • Area: 945.000 km2 (mainland: 881.000) ~ ca. 19 times as large as Danmark
  • Population (estimated 2002): 33 millions
  • Tanzania is among the poorest countries in the world, GNP/capita (estimated 2001): 246 $
  • The highest point in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, is situated in Tanzania close to the city Moshi just south of the Kenyan border
  • The lowest point in Africa is also situated in Tanzania, at the bottom of Lake Tanganyika, some 350 m below sea level
  • The islands Zanzibar, Pemba, Mafia and the whole archipelago has been an arab sultanate
  • Under the name German East Africa the mainland part (Tanganyika) was under German jurisdiction until World War 1
  • After WW1 Tanganyika became et british protectorate
  • Tanganyika gained independence in 1962 and united with the sultanate Zanzibar under the name Tanzania
  • Close to  25 % of the area of Tanzania is under some kind of protection, as national parc, "Conservation Area" eller "Game Reserve"
  • Capital: Dodoma
  • Largest cities: 1. Dar es Salaam, 2. Mwanza
  • Flag:

Click on the map above to see a more detailed map of that part of Tanzania (150 - 300 kb). Click here to see a large and detailed map (1.4 Mb).