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Last updated 2007.11.21

Planning is very difficult, especially in Tanzania. Even the most careful planning oftens falls short against the multitude of unknown factors which tends to turn any planning attempt into absurdity.


Nevertheless, this is our perpetually changing itinerary:

1.       May 13-14Departure from Copenhagen (DK), via London (UK) to Nairobi (Kenya)By British Airways
2.    May 14Transfer Nairobi (Kenya) to Arusha (Tanzania)By bus
3.    May 14-19Stay in ArushaStay at LíOasis Lodge
4.     Day-trip to Arusha NP, canoeing at Small Momela Lake (?) 
5.     Day-trip to hot springs south-east of Usa River 
6.     Day-trip up Kilimanjaro 
7.     Day-trip to DVS-TCDC (Danish Volunteer Serviceís Training Centre for Development Cooperation) at Usa River 
8.    May 20-21Tarangire NPStay at camp site
9.    May 22Laka Manyara NP, Canoeing on Lake Manyara (?)Stay at Jambo Camp site at Mto wa Mbu
10.   May 23Lake Natron and Ol Doinyo LengaiStay at camp site
11.   May 24Return to Mto wa MbuStay at Jambo Camp site at Mto wa Mbu
12.   May 25-26Visit to Ngorongoro CraterStay at camp site on crater rim
13.   May 27Lake Ndutu Stay at Lake Ndutu Lodge
14.   May 28-31Serengeti NP and Olduvai GorgeStay at various camp sites
15.   June 1Transfer to Mwanza 
16.   June 1-3MwanzaStay at some local guesthouse or medium level hotel
17.   June 4-5Missungwi, visit at CDTTIStay at MRHP Guesthouse
18.   June 6-7Rubondo NPStay at camp site
19.   June 8Transfer to KasuluStay at some local guesthouse
20.   June 9-10Gombe Stream NPStay at camp site
21.   June 11KigomaStay at some local guesthouse or medium level hotel
22.   June 12Transfer to Mahale Mountains NP 
23.   June 13-14Mahale Mountains NPStay at camp site
24.   June 15Transfer to Kalambo FallsStay at camp site at Kalambo Falls
25.   June 16Kalambo Falls  
26.   June 17Transfer to Mbeya, pass by the Mbozi Meteorite 
27.   June 18-19MbeyaStay at some local guesthouse or medium level hotel
28.   June 20Transfer to Kyela/MatemaStay at some local guesthouse
29.   June 21-22Kitulo NP/Mpanga GRStay at camp site or local guesthouse
30.   June 23-24Bulongwa and Livingstone MountainsStay at some local guesthouse
31.   June 25-28IringaStay at some local guesthouse
32.    Day-trip to Isimila 
33.    Day-trip to Ruaha NP 
34.   June 29Transfer to SongeaStay at some local guesthouse
35.   June 30SongeaStay at some local guesthouse
36.   July 1-2Transfer to LindiStopover in Tunduru
37.   July 3-5Lindi and MtwaraStay at some local guesthouse in Lindi
38.    Day-trip to dinosaur excavation site near Nambiranji (worthwhile?) 
39.   July 6Transfer to Kilwa MasokoStay at some local guesthouse or camp site
40.   July 7Day-trip to Kilwa Kisiwani 
41.   July 8Transfer to Dar es Salaam 
42.   July 8-11Dar es Salaam Stay at some local guesthouse
43.    Day-trip to Bagamoyo 
44.   July 12-14Flexibility for delays 
45.   July 15Transfer to Zanzibar 
46.   July 16-18Zanzibar Stone Town Stay at some local guesthouse
47.   July 19-22Zanzibar Stay at some local guesthouse
48.   July 23Transfer to Dar es SalaamStay at some local guesthouse or going straight to Lushoto
49.   July 24Transfer to Lushoto 
50.   July 24-26Usambara Mountains Stay at some local guesthouse at Lushoto
51.   July 27Transfer to MoshiStay at Qvistís place
52.   July 28Serengeti 
53.   July 29KijereshiStay at Kijereshi Camp
54.   July 30Transfer to KisiiStay at Kisii Hotel (?)
55.   July 31Transfer to Nairobi 
56.   aug-01Karenís House + Langatta Giraffe CenterStay at some local guesthouse
57.   aug-02Departure from Nairobi via London to Copenhagen 

NP = National Park

GR = Game Reserve



The numbers on the map refer to the itinerary to the left. Click on the map to se a detailed map.