Knud Henrik's diary 20 May 2006: Minjingo and Tarangire National Park

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Last updated 2007.11.21

Yesterday we went on safari in Tarangire National Park. We had a very nice tour and saw a lot of really nice sceneries but not very many animals, definitely not as many as expected. We had several very close sightings of the tiny dik-dik deer. It is quite rare to see this cute little animal on close hold but today we were lucky. Also, we saw a number of impalas, elephants, ostriches and a great number of birds. Tarangire is renown for its high number of different bird species, more that 550 are on record. We saw quite a number of predator birds but most high above us.

Yesterday afternoon the temperature reached 30 C, this morning the thermometer showed 20 C, very comfortable. We have decided to stay over at this camp site until tomorrow. Aske is not too well and Mai-Britt is having troubles with her stomach so she likes to stay close to a toilet. There is a dining area with a thatched roof but open to the sides so there is a gentle wind blowing through the shade. I think we'll spend most of the day here, just reading, writing diaries, playing card games and having some "quality time" together.