Knud Henrik's diary 15 July 2006: Jambiani

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Last updated 2007.11.21

The day before yesterday (Thursday 13 July) Theis and Aske could not find their sandals. They had left them to dry on the terrace in front of the bungalow. After having searched the house the only possible conclusion was, that someone had stolen them. All along we have kind of prepared ourselves for the possibility of an incident like this, still it's rather inconvenient and give us an uneasy feeling.

However, we enjoy our stay here, occasional swims, playing canasta and relaxing.

Yesterday, Theis, Aske, Lea and I had arranged for a little snorkelling tour in an area with some corals and a lot of other marine life, while Mai-Britt stayed on shore as she doesn't like getting her face under water. We saw a great number of different and very beautiful fish species as well as corals, sea urchins, starfish and other life forms, the names of which I have no idea. We had been told by the manager of the dive centre that the duration of the tour was very much up to ourselves, but about noon when the time of the low tide was approaching the two people on board told us that we had to return before all the water had disappeared. I was a little disappointed as we really enjoyed our time out there, but retrospectively it was not a bad idea. At that time I didn't realise that I had already got sunburned on my back, of which I was reminded throughout the following night.

While we were snorkelling Mai-Britt had arranged for dinner at a brand new, local restaurant down the beach. One of the three guys running the restaurant has approached us on every possible chance, trying to persuade us to be among his first customers. After having tried out this new variation of the local cuisine we have to conclude that this new business initiative is facing some serious difficulties.

Today, we have had a stroll through the local village of Jambiani, buying some slippers for the poor, shoe-less boys. They were not at all satisfied with the selection but what can you expect in a remote village in Africa (and beside, the price was less than a dollar a pair)? Probably, we'll have to give it a second try later on.

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